Monday, March 24, 2008




"If the storm doesn't kill me, the goverment will" (στην περίπτωσή μας η φωτιά)

Sing for the submarine
"The city did not collapse in a shudder
The rain it never came.
At least my confessions made you laugh"

"Where is the rip chord, the trapdoor, the key?
Where is the cartoon escape-hatch for me?
No time to question the choices I made
I’ve got to fall in another direction"

Until the day is done
"The battle's been lost, the war is not won
An addled republic, a bitter refund
The business first flat earthers licking their wounds
The verdict is dire, the country's in ruins"


barb michelen said...

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Cris said...

metrios diskos distixws sinexeia twn proigoumenwn..
meta to new adventures in hi-fi..
an sou aresoun arketa oi rem exeis megaliteres prosdokies!!
Alla den peirazei..Aksizoun kai mono gia tis stigmes pou mas exoun prosferei ola afta ta xronia..Me top ti sizitisi mas mesa sto taxi sto omorfo Belgrade me to standard-aki utrecht..Thimasai?hahahaha..
pou na iksera meta oti aftin i polui tha me stigmatize toso..

Korifaiou tragoudi to hollow man!kai to supernatural superserious!!

psarog said...

@barb michelen: Have a nice trip... I'm a hobbyist, no need for money...

@cris: Λοιπόν, παρακάμπτω την κριτική του δίσκου και θυμάμαι τον κουβά που είχαμε φάει (1.03 το έδιναν παρόλο που είχες κεράσει μόνο μια μπύρα που κόστιζε περί τα 0,75 ευρώ) + τις ζωγραφισμένες καρδούλες με τα βέλη...Χαχαχαχαχα

Cris said...

Varethika tis patafiestes man!!! :)

psarog said...

Και άσε τους άλλους να νηστεύουν... :) Επικές στιγμές ;)